Ana M. Briongos (Barcelona, Spain, 1946) has a university degree in Physics but is primarily a writer and well-seasoned traveller.  She studied literature at Tehran University in Iran, and worked in Iran and Afghanistan as a consultant and interpreter for nearly ten years.  Between 1982 and 1992, she worked at Interway, an international student exchange organisation. 
She now lives in Barcelona and spends her time writing and giving conferences about the countries she knows best
Iran, Afghanistan and India.

Being a former professor, she has a comprehensive knowledge of the Islamic world. She also has a passion for adobe architecture, Persian poetry, bazaars, deserts, the Hindu Kush mountains, the plains of Central Asia, and above all, the people who inhabit these places. 

Ana Maria Briongos

Winter in Kandahar. Life in Afghanistan before the Taliban
Black on Black. Iran revisited
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